Critically Important

Critically Important: What Day is It?

Episode Summary

For today's episode, the gang is joined by Elise Hernke of the blog Inglorious Baguettes (! We discuss who we feel would be our ideal cast for a Hollywood adaptation of the Tiger King docuseries, guess how much different movies cost to make, and talk about some of the different celebrity sightings and meetings that we've had over the years (good and...well, awkward).

Episode Notes

Tiger King Dream Cast: Since we wouldn't be doing our duty as a podcast if we didn't discuss the most talked about pop culture phenomenon of 2020, Jason, Mallory, Espo and guest co-host Elise Hernke debate who they'd like to see cast in various roles if Hollywood decides to make a feature film adaptation of Tiger King. Would Michael Keaton or David Spade make a better Joe Exotic? Who can can capture the batshit-crazy insanity of Carole Baskins? And who do we think are shoe-ins for such roles as TV producer Rick Kirkham and campaign manager Joshua Dial? 

More or Less - The Cost of Movies: Espo walks us through an internet game he found where Jason, Mallory and Elise have to decide, between two movies, which cost more to make. You'll be surprised to hear some of the budgets that some of these classic films did (and didn't) have!

2020 Oscars: The gang briefly discuss who they think would deserve Oscar nominations if no further movies were to come out this year. The convo then veers off into what their first post-quarantine restaurant meal will be, as well as the sharing of various celebrity meeting and sighting stories that they have, both good and horrendously awkward.