Critically Important

Critically Important: As if 2020 Wasn't Horrifying Enough...It's Halloween Season!

Episode Summary

In this month's episode, the gang are again joined by Elise Hernke of Inglorious Baguettes to discuss the latest news and events taking place in the movie industry, as well as create a new Group Consensus list of the top 5 greatest Halloween movies of all-time (and one that they can hopefully be proud of, for once).

Episode Notes

Tenet  vs. Mulan: Well That Was Anti-Climactic: So after discussing last episode which studio's release strategy would fare better, it appears that the results for both were incredibly underwhelming, to say the least. With this leading to other major tent-pole movies being delayed even further (in most cases to 2021) and theater chains deciding to close back up again due to lack of films to show, we discuss what this means for the movie industry and we think theaters can survive into the new year.

Group Consensus - Halloween Movies Edition: After several Group Consensus lists have left us feeling like we've failed as movie fans and podcast hosts, we've attempt to compile yet another list to determine what we think the top 5 Halloween movies of all-time are. From Ghostbusters and Hocus Pocus to The Shining and The Nightmare Before Christmas (again), find out what classic films made the cut (as well as listen to our debate as to what we think makes for a perfect Halloween movie).